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Lameka & Scottie


Lameka Bell is a Community Affairs K-9 Specialist at the Hawthorne Police Department and has led an impressive career as the first Police Facility K9 Handler in the state of California. Leveraging her experience, she is the creator and Director of the International Police Facility Dog Association and the co-founder of Coffee with a Cop - a nonprofit organization aimed at bringing police officers together with the communities that they serve. 


Along with her faithful K9 partners, Lameka Bell helps victims of crime, witnesses to violent crime, and seriously injured citizens receive much needed comfort, peace, assistance, and support through trained animal companionship as a way to cope with trauma. Bell’s partner, Scottie, is a Golden Retriever mix who has been working with her ever since they completed the Canine Companion’s Team Training in 2012. Not only were Bell and Scottie the first Police Facility K9 Team in all of Los Angeles County and the entire state of California, but they were also among the first Police Facility K9 Teams in the United States. Their successful work sparked a lot of interest from other police departments, and the community support that their program gained also made it possible for another amazing Facility K9,
named Thyme, to join Bell and Scottie at the Hawthorne Police Department in June of 2020.


Bell has become an expert at consulting with other officers and police departments on how to start their own extremely successful Police Facility Dog Program so that they too can compassionately serve and support the members of their own communities with these highly trained, incredibly valuable K9 additions to their team. For Bell, being relatable, helpful, creative, caring, and resourceful not only come naturally to her but are essential parts of her job and her valued role in her community.

Tiffini & Hilani


Officer Tiffinni Archie is a 8 year veteran of the Eastern Washington University Police Department. She is currently a Facility Dog Handler with her Canine Hilani IV. 


Officer Archie is originally from Tacoma Washington and moved to Eastern Washington in 2005 to continue her education at Eastern Washington University. She graduated in 2010 and started her policing career as a Reserve Officer for the Eastern Washington University Police Department in 2011. She then began her full-time career as an Officer in 2013. 


Officer Archie then began teaching sexual assault awareness classes in 2014 to inform college students about sexual violence and high risk behavior. She wanted students to be informed so they can make informed decisions and be able to protect themselves. She also wanted to inform students of the reporting process and what victim/survivors go through when they report. 



In 2016 Officer Archie started the first and only Facility Dog program in a Police Department in Washington State. From then on Officer Archie and Canine Hilani have been certified as advocates, and specialize in trauma informed response for her agency. She continues to teach classes to college students and has added High School Healthy Relationship classes as a means to inform High School students.  


Officer Archie and Canine Hilani volunteer their time mentoring at risk young women in the SHE Academy, mentoring police officers and their departments on obtaining Facility Dogs, fundraising for Canine Companions for Independence, speaking on panels for students of color/new incoming students on campus,  teaching classes and reading books to K-12 as well as co-founded the International Police Facility Dog Program. 

Chris & Nola 


Nola is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever Lab mix assigned to the Acting Corporal Christopher Evans of the City of Hyattsville Police Department. A/Cpl. Evans has been a police officer for six years and is a School Resource Officer and member of the Community Action Team. He and Nola come to work every day with the purpose of bridging the gap between the City of Hyattsville Police Department and the community through each citizen contact. Nola is specifically trained to calm crime victims, witnesses and anyone else who may be in crisis. Nola loves hugs, having her belly scratched and squeaky toys

Peggy & Ken 


Peggy Sherbon began working for the Bonner County Prosecutors Office in 2005 as an advocate for victims of domestic violence. Over the years, she has worked with victims of every type of crime, including survivors of homicide, sexual assault, and child abuse. In July of 2015, Peggy added her K9 partner, Ken, to the team of victim service providers within the Prosecutor’s Office. Peggy has always had a passion for serving and ensuring even the smallest voices are being heard. She and her partner Ken were instrumental in amending current Idaho Law to allow trained facility dogs in court with children who have to testify. Peggy also founded LillyBrooke Family Justice Center in 2017 and currently serves as Director, Forensic Interviewer, and Multi-Disciplinary Team Coordinator. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time with her three adult children but mostly is found throwing chuck-its for Ken in her off time. 

Donna & Kane  


I am the Victim Services Coordinator and PADS Justice Facility Dog Kane’s (Kane) primary handler. We have worked as a team since May 28, 2015. We have assisted countless victims of all ages and Crown witnesses throughout this time. Inspired by being Kane’s handler, I have written a children’s book about Kane and his job, distributed to over 2600 children in our school divisions. The age group was Pre-K- Grades 4 inclusive. 


We have provided a soft touch for all the uniformed and civilian members of the Moose Jaw Police Service daily. We have educated many groups, agencies, and the public about our job. Kane has never missed a beat, and we have demonstrated his willingness and continuous ability to assist everyone we meet.

As I write this, with mixed feelings. We are both retiring on September 1, 2021. This has been, especially during this past year, an extremely challenging and busy time. Kane turns 9 (August 31) the day before we retire.  I know we have both earned the right to move on and let someone else take over. I am proud to have created both the Victim Services and the Justice Facility Dog programs for the Moose Jaw Police Service. I have worked 27+ years as the Victim Services Coordinator and 6+ years as PADS JFD Kane’s handler. It has been challenging but rewarding. Best job I ever had!!!

In addition, Donna and Kane regularly attend conferences workshops, attend community meetings and events to educate the public about Kane. This usually includes an explanation about Kane’s role within our service and for people to observe first-hand the result of Kane’s extensive obedience training from PADS.  They are informed that Kane’s life has been nurtured since he was a nine-week-old puppy and consistent training and love. Kane has matured into a gentle and loving dog. Coupled with his calm disposition, Kane possesses an innate ability to detect anxiety, trauma, sickness, injury, and other emotional states in people and then ever so gently relax and comfort them. After a busy day, Kane is ready to play and rest, then Kane is ready to do it all over again.

Kristy & NuBbin


Kristy Wells works for the Fullerton Police Department as a Community Liason Officer. Kristy has been working with this department since November of 2019 and is still currently working there. She is a handler to a yellow lab named Nubbin, aka Nubbies or Nubz, whose favorite pass time is cuddles and naps. 

Melody & Gio  


     Melody joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in June 2007 as an Analyst in the Terrorism

and Special Jurisdiction Unit in the Office for Victim Assistance (OVA). Her responsibilities

include coordination of the FBI Crisis Response Canine (CRC) Program. The CRC program

leverages the canine-human bond to mitigate stress and anxiety of victims and responders

following a mass casualty, critical incident, and/or violent crime. In Addition, Melody oversees

the Continued Presence Program which provides temporary immigration status to individuals

identified by Law Enforcement as victims of human trafficking.

     Melody is a member of OVA’s Victim Assistance Rapid Deployment Team (V-ARDT). VARDT has responded to numerous mass casualty incidents including the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT, the Boston Marathon bombings, the EAME shooting in Charleston, SC, the IRC in San Bernardino, CA, and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL.  Melody is also a Crisis Response Canine handler for Giovanni (Gio). Gio is a three-year-old Black English Labrador who is trained in providing animal assistance crisis response to crime victims.  Gio helps ground victims and responders that are experiencing significant stress responses.  Melody and Gio responded in the aftermath of the IRC shooting in San Bernardino, the personal effects return to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the police shootings in Baton Rouge, LA, Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting, and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL.  Additionally, Gio responds to FBI-wide cases that involve vulnerable victims, including but not limited to child porn, child abductions, child sex tourism, human trafficking, and bank robberies.

Staci & Wally


     Staci joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in March 2010 and is a Victim Services

Coordinator in Terrorism and Special Jurisdiction Unit in the Office for Victim Assistance (OVA).  Her responsibilities include immediate liaison with next of kin of deceased victims and support to victims and families following an attack, coordination of medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, providing crisis intervention to victims and family, and serving as a liaison between the victim and FBI throughout the course of the investigation.


In addition, Staci coordinates OVA’s Victim Assistance Rapid Deployment Team (V-ARDT). VARDT has responded to numerous mass casualty incidents including the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown CT, the Boston Marathon bombings, the EAME shooting in Charleston, SC, the IRC in San Bernardino, CA, and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. Staci is also a Crisis Response Canine handler for Wally. Wally is a three-year-old yellow English Labrador is trained in providing animal assistance crisis response to crime victims. Wally reduces stress and anxiety brought about by violent crime, tragedy, and/or critical incidence. 


The CRC program aims to use the canine-human bond to promote resilience and connection for victims and responders. Staci and Wally responded in the aftermath of the IRC shooting in San Bernardino, the personal effects return to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the police shootings in Dallas, TX, and the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL. Additionally, Wally responds to FBI wide cases that involve vulnerable victims, including but not limited to child porn, child abductions, child sex tourism, human trafficking, and bank robberies.  Staci has worked with crime victims for over 24 years. Staci was a certified training and crisis responder with the National Organization for Victim Assistance, co-coordinated the Pennsylvania Crisis Intervention Team, and was a member of the Florida Crisis Response Team. Staci has presented at numerous national and state-level conferences. Staci has been published in Overcoming Loss: The Other Victims of Homicide, and Days in the Lives of Social Workers.  She is an instructor at DeSales University in the Criminal Justice Program.

Nick & Yosa


Nick Nicholas is the Operations Bureau Lieutenant for the Seal Beach Police Department.  Nick is the handler for the SBPD’s Police Facility Dog Yosa.  Yosa is used to provide comfort to witnesses and victims of crime, children during forensic interviews, and community members exposed to trauma.  Nick and Yosa also attend several community and special events to help strengthen the relationship between the community and Police Department.  Lt. Nicholas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and a Master’s Degree in Political Science.  He is also the SBPD’s Public Information Officer and is an Emergency Medical Technician. 

Melanie & Vern 


The Kingston Police C.A.R.E.S (Canine Assisted Response for Emotional Support) Program was established in October of 2015 with the arrival of Vernon, a 3 year old yellow lab/retriever cross. Vernon is an accredited Facility Dog and was generously provided by National Service Dogs of Cambridge Ontario. The objective of the C.A.R.E.S Program is to enhance the quality of support provided by Kingston Police to those who have witnessed or been victimized by crime and/or trauma. Adding Vern to the ranks made Kingston Police the first police service in Ontario to have this quality of comfort and support available to victims.  Vernon is currently working out of the Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit within the Criminal Investigation Division and has officially responded to  calls for service which include; support for both child and adult victims of sexual abuse during video statements, support for victims and witnesses during court preparation,  facilitating and breaking down the barriers to communication with at risk youth and in behavioural classes at local schools,  assisting the Vulnerable Sector Unit with persons with mental health concerns, and acting as an ambassador to Kingston Police during presentations to community and partnering agencies.  He also provides a positive influence on the mental wellness of both civilian and sworn members at Kingston Police who often interact with Vern at his desk or welcome his visits when he strolls through the station. Vern’s primary handler is Det.Melanie Jefferies and his secondary handler is Det.Amanda Smith who both work out of the Sexual Assault/ Child Abuse Unit. 

Jeff & Geller 


Started as a police officer with Menasha in 1996 and have served as a patrol officer, crime prevention coordinator and currently the school resource officer for 6 elementary schools in Menasha Joint School District.  In May of 2016 I partnered with Geller and that partnership has brought a significant reduction in physical restraints and a huge increase in positive and strong relationships with some of the most guarded children.

Debbie & Pilot 

Deb & Pilot 2.jpeg

Debbie Boyle has worked in the Victim Assistance field for over 18 yrs.  She has been a Victim Advocate with Douglas County Sheriff's Office since 1998.  In 1997 Debbie's son Gabriel was a victim of a hit-and-run, auto-pedestrian crash in Denver.  As a result of the victimization of her son Debbie became an advocate for herself, her family, and many other traffic victims.  Her story has been documented by Channel 7, Channel 4, and Channel 9.  Debbie was also the subject of a Lifetime Channel Documentary as part of Erin Brokovich's show "Final Justice".  Debbie served 12 yrs on the Governors Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund Board, she has been very active in COVA (Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance) for the last 18 years, was an Alive-at-25 instructor for many years, and has been a trainer for many victim services organizations on traffic crashes as well.    She is a Nationally Credentialed Advance Advocate through NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) and through COVA.   She is Board Certified as a Forensic Traumatologist through the Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.  She also holds a degree in Criminal Justice is a certified Critical Incident Team member and is a member of the Douglas County CART (Child Abduction and Response Team).   In 2009 she received the Wendy Preston Family Award through COVA which honors a crime victim/survivor who has made a significant improvement to services, rights, or treatment of crime victims for her work with the Legislature on House Bill 98-1160, which addressed the Hit-and-Run statute.  She also teaches at the Reserve and Refresher Academies at the Law Enforcement Academy on Domestic Violence and Victim Rights and regularly teaches at the Victim Assistance Academy.   Debbie was a responder to Columbine, the Hayman Fire, the Missouri Tornado, Arapahoe High School, and the Longmont Flood, just to name a few.   Her dedication to victims of all crimes is seen in her years of service.

Sue & Lucca 


Lucca is an accredited facility dog that we received from PADS in Burnaby, BC, Canada. I am a Crisis Intervention Caseworker with the Victim Services Unit of the Vancouver Police Department, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Lucca works with me and the Victim Services Unit to provide support to those who have been impacted by crime and trauma. This can include crisis support on the scene of a police incident, through to the completion of a matter in court, and at various points in between.

Thomas & Duval


Thomas Beeson & Duvall ll

Terrebonne Parish District Attorney's Office

44 yr. Sheriff's Dy., last 20 with the District Attorney's Office, Captain with Sheriff's Office. 30 yrs. SWAT, Shift Lt. on Patrol, Assistant Commander Narcotics Unit. K-9 handler for 9 yrs. Chief Investigator for D.A's Office, handler for Facility Dog for last three yrs. Past President of Louisiana District Attorney's Association Investigator Section for four yrs

Ryan & Comfort 


     Ryan Frashure has been with the Anne Arundel County Police Department for 17 years. He has vast experience in the field of narcotics having served several years as a detective and a sergeant in a Major Offenders Unit and Heroin Task Force. For the past two years, Lt. Frashure has served as the police department's Director of Media Relations where he collaborates with media outlets to develop positive relationships between the police department and community. 

Janet & Bear


Janet Era is an Investigator with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, assigned to the SAU and Child Abduction Unit. Ms. Era is the Court Facility K-9 Handler and uses her partner K9 Bear to assist in Children Interviews at the Children’s Interview Center.  Together Janet and Bear lead Community Outreach at K-12 schools in Contra Costa County teaching young students about human trafficking awareness and how to help keep themselves safe.  Ms. Era also created and maintains the first-ever Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office Community Academy, where citizens of Contra Costa County learn first-hand how the office functions and how criminal cases are filed and charged.  She also recently helped introduce the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office Youth Academy.  Ms. Era is a Board Member of the West Contra Costa County Law & Justice Advisory Board and was also nominated for the 2020 National Crime Victims’ Rights award.  Ms. Era is a Veteran of the United States Navy and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies with a Specialization in Psychology and an Executive Masters in Public Administration with a Specialization in Law Enforcement and Security. 

Sharon & Meredith


We work closely with the school district, we work with local hospitals hospice units providing compassion and comfort to patients and their families. Calm nerves of crime victims during interviews and court proceedings. We work with the domestic violence victims' advocacy programs for victim support. 

Adam & Erin Roulston


Adam and Erin work for the Corona Police Department and have co-handled K9 Raider since 2017. K9 Raider comes from the Southwest Region of Canine Companions. K9 Raider quickly became the first Facility Dog to assist a witness during testimony in Riverside County. Since 2017, Raider has had interactions with tens of thousands of community members and has had several hundred deployments. Raider is also a member of the Riverside County Victim Crisis Response Team. Be sure to follow Raider's adventures on social media!  

Tia & MErlot 


Tia Froh is a Sgt. with the Regina Police Service (RPS).  She is based out of the Regina Children’s Justice Center (RCJC) and currently works as RPS’ first Canine Assisted Response and Education (CARE) officer with Accredited Justice Facility Dog Merlot.  Merlot is an 8-year-old female black Labrador retriever.  She was bred, raised, and trained by the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS).

The RCJC is an integrated unit consisting of child protection workers and police officers who investigate allegations of physical and sexual abuse of children and vulnerable persons. Tia and Merlot assist primarily with children and vulnerable adults during Police interviews, testimony in court and work closely with Victim Services and Victim Witness Specialists.

Tia has a certificate in Rehabilitation Work from SIAST and a Bachelor’s of Education degree from the University of Regina. 

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